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                Welcome to -Changzhou Wujin Lijia Dali Thread Co.,Ltd. 中文版 ENGLISH


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                Changzhou Wujin Lijia Dali Thread Co.,Ltd. is located in the streets Kerry ceremony, factory specializing in the production of 100% polyester sewing thread: 40S/2, 40S/3, 20S/2, 20S/3, 50S/2, 60S/2 、60S/3 thickness and other specifications of the line of sewing machines. 
                The quality of the Company in order to survive, so as to the credibility and development, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to use or distribution of sample orders.

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                Contacts:Mr. Ban(13218658881)   Tel: 0519-86238592   Fax: 0519-86238592   E-mail: dl@ahdks.com  Address: Lijia Town Industrial Park, Wujin District, Changzhou City